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Jewel Effects Eyeshadow - Gold

Jewel Effects Eyeshadow - Sparkle [CLONE]
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The Jewel Effects in Gold steals the show! The bestseller Jewel Effects has a new sister. It is a beautiful glitter powder that makes every look radiant. The Jewel Effects is between a compact glitter powder and loose glitters. This makes it easy to apply and, thanks to the golden colour, it creates a magical effect. The glitter powder is suitable for the eyes, face and body. Shine bright like a diamond! The glitter powder is also available in silver (Shine & Sparkle) with real silver pieces. More info
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It is always a good time for glitter. Golden glitters complete your makeup look. In the daytime you choose a subtle shimmer and in the evening you transform yourself with a perfect glam look. The intensity of the glitter is up to you. Ideal for any time of day.

Applying Jewel Effects in Gold
Loose glitter pigments are more difficult to apply than compact glitter. The advantage of the Jewel Effects in Gold is that it is in between a compact glitter powder and loose glitters. This makes it easy to apply. The beautiful golden glitters give your face an enchanting effect.

Tip from the make-up artist:
Apply the Fixing Gel with a brush to the area where you want to apply the Jewel Effects. Dampen the brush and dab it in the Jewel Effects in Gold. To absorb the product, apply it to the area where the 2-Way Gel was applied. The Fixing Gel ensures that the Jewel Effects remain in place all day/night! 

  1. Take a brush. The use of a flat eyeshadow brush is most suitable for applying the Jewel Effects. With a brush you can easily determine the location of the glitters. 
  2. By first going through the Fixing Gel with the brush and applying it at the desired location, the glitter powder can adhere better. The 2-Way Gel makes it a lot easier to apply the Jewel Effects.
  3. You can create a glittery eye make-up by applying the Jewel Effects in Gold over the entire eyelid, but there are several variations possible with the product. Use the Jewel Effects as a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye, or as an eyeliner along the lash line. There are endless possibilities.
  • A unique glitter effect
    Never before has a product been so glittery. The Jewel Effects in Gold gives a beautiful, overwhelming effect to your make-up look.
  • Enchanting effect
    The glitter in the Jewel Effects in Gold gives your face or body a magical effect. You will shine from inside and out with this product.
  • Super versatile, suitable for eyes, face and body.
    In addition to an irresistible eye look, you can also use this product as a highlighter on your face or body for an amazing golden look.
  • Vegan
    The Jewel Effects in Gold is 100% vegan. No animal products are used in the manufacturing process and it is not tested on animals.
  • Gold
2 gr
  • Glitter
  • Loose powder
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  • Warm undertone
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