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Makeup Powder

Makeup Powder
$29,03 ($29,03 inc tax)
Content10 gr CoverageSemi covering FinishMatte
Translucent Powder Extra Fine
Makeup Powder
$24,36 ($24,36 inc tax)
Content10 gr CoverageTransparant FinishMatte
Makeup Powder
$26,70 ($26,70 inc tax)
Content15 gr CoverageTransparant FinishMatte
Makeup Powder
$32,53 ($32,53 inc tax)
Content9 gr CoverageSemi covering FinishMatte

Makeup powder for an even and matte result

A good face powder makes the skin smoother and mattens the skin without everyone seeing that you have a powder. Makeup powder is also used to fix foundation or other underlying makeup and to make it long-lasting. Do you have oily skin, does your skin shine or do you want your foundation to stay in place all day? Then use a makeup powder.

Compact powder or loose powder

There are different types of makeup powders; compact powders and loose powders. Compact powders provide a matte finish, fix foundation and give a long-lasting result. Loose powder is much lighter and provides a velvety, natural finish. Both powders are suitable for daily use.

When do I choose which makeup powder?

Various compact powders and loose powders are available at Make-up Studio. The Compact Powder 3-in-1 offers three functions in one product. This powder can be used as a compact fixing powder, compact powder makeup and long-lasting foundation. The Compact Mineral Powder on the basis of minerals can be applied to cover and has a velvety soft and matte effect. The Natural Silk Perfection and the Translucent Powder Extra Fine are transparent loose powders that provide a natural matte look.