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Makeup Powder

Translucent Extra Fine Poeder - 3
Makeup Powder
$22,54 ($22,54 inc tax)
FinishDewy, Natural, Matte CoverageSheer, Sheer- to Medium TextureLoose powder
Makeup Powder
$24,70 ($24,70 inc tax)
FinishDewy, Natural, Matte CoverageSheer, Sheer- to Medium Content15 gr
Compact Powder foundation 3-in-1 - Soft Peach
Makeup Powder
$27,94 ($27,94 inc tax)
CoverageSheer, Sheer- to Medium, Medium FinishDewy, Natural, Matte Content10 gr
Makeup Powder
$30,10 ($30,10 inc tax)
CoverageMedium, Full FinishDewy, Natural Content9 gr


Foundation powder for an even and matte result

A good makeup powder makes the skin more even and matte without everyone seeing that you have a powder on. Facial powder is used to fixate foundation or other underlying makeup and to make it long-lasting. It also prevents your foundation from running when it is warm. A layer of powder creates an excellent base to apply blush, contour, bronzer or highlighter. Do you have oily skin, does your skin shine or do you want to set certain areas of your face? Then use makeup powder. Powder is also suitable to make skin texture less visible.

Different kinds of powder

There are different types of makeup powders:

  • Setting powder,
  • Compact powder,
  • Finishing powder,
  • Loose powder,
  • Fixing powder. 

Before you purchase your ideal makeup powder, you need to know the difference between the different types of makeup powders.

Difference between compact powders and loose powders

There is a small difference between loose and compact powders. Loose powder is light in weight and gives minimal coverage. On the other hand, compact powder is heavier because it is pressed together. You have to be careful not to accidentally over apply compact powder. If it does happen, you can easily fix it by using a setting spray after applying your makeup.

Difference between setting powder and finishing powder

There is a difference between setting and finishing powder. A setting powder is applied after your foundation or concealer and is meant to keep the make-up in place, so it stays on all day. It mattifies the foundation or concealer so that your face does not become shiny. A finishing powder is usually used after your setting powder and is meant to create an effect.

Types of foundation powder?

Make-up Studio has several powders available. The Compact Powder 3-in-1 combines three functions in one product. This powder can be used as a compact fixing powder, compact powder makeup and long lasting foundation. The Compact Mineral Powder based on minerals can be applied opaque and has a velvety soft and matt effect. The Compact Earth Powder gives the face a hint of colour. The compact powders can be applied with a powder brush, such as the Powder Brush N1, or a powder puff, such as the Powder Puff Powder Sponge. The Natural Silk Perfection and the Translucent Powder Extra Fine are transparent loose powders that provide a natural look and reduce shine.

When to use which powder?

In theory, a setting powder is suitable for every skin type, but there are a few things to keep in mind. If you have an oily skin type, then a loose powder is perfect for applying all over your face. If you have a combined skin type, you can apply loose powder only to the oily parts of your face, such as around the eyes, nose and forehead. The application of powder keeps the skin from becoming shiny throughout the day.

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