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Camouflage & Concealer

Brand new
$38,62 $32,25 ($32,25 inc tax)
FinishMatte Color codeB2 + R2
Camouflage & Concealer
$14,99 ($14,99 inc tax)
CoverageSheer- to Medium FinishMatte TexturePencil
Camouflage & Concealer
$23,62 ($23,62 inc tax)
CoverageSheer, Sheer- to Medium, Medium, Full FinishDewy, Natural Content6 x 1 ml
Neutralizer - Mint Save
Camouflage & Concealer
$19,31 $9,65 ($9,65 inc tax)
CoverageSheer FinishMatte Content15 ml
Compact Neutralizer - Red 2
Camouflage & Concealer
$16,07 ($16,07 inc tax)
CoverageSheer- to Medium, Medium, Full FinishNatural, Matte Content2 ml
Concealer in Box - 3
Camouflage & Concealer
$16,07 ($16,07 inc tax)
CoverageSheer, Sheer- to Medium, Medium, Full FinishDewy, Natural Content4 ml
Brand new
$19,31 ($19,31 inc tax)
CoverageSheer- to Medium, Medium, Full FinishDewy, Natural Color codeBlue 0
Concealer Refill
$12,84 ($12,84 inc tax)
CoverageSheer- to Medium Content4 ml ShapeRound


Concealer for an even skin

Concealer makeup is the solution if you suffer from red spots in the face or dark circles under the eyes. Camouflage makeup can also make small scars invisible, temporarily fade a tattoo or even hide it! It is important that a concealer product is well matched to the skin tone and undertone of the skin, so that a nice even result is created. You can choose a concealer that is a shade lighter or darker to highlight or shade certain areas of the face. Not sure which concealer you need and would you like to order your concealer online? Do not worry, Make-up Studio has the solution for that. With the Make-up Studio Complexion Finder you can discover within a few steps which concealer is best suited for your skin problem, undertone and skin colour.

These products camouflage imperfections

The colour correctors of Make-up Studio kill two birds with one stone. The Compact Neutralizer and the Camouflage Stick are a concealer and a corrector in one. The Compact Neutralizer is highly pigmented, hides unevenness and camouflages red or blue areas, such as acne, puffiness or dark circles. It even hides white patches under the eyes in photographs. It’s available in a version to cover redness and in a version to cancel out any blue areas. The Camouflage Stick hides blemishes and camouflages red and blue areas quickly and easily. The products make the skin radiant and enable you to have a fresh, natural look. The Concealer in Box corrects imperfections such as dark circles, acne, age spots and scars. The Concealer Pencil is a real multi-functional tool and a must-have for your makeup bag. Ideal to camouflage small spots.You can also use it on the waterline to make the eye look bigger, or to correct your lip line.

The difference between a concealer and a corrector

Although a concealer and a corrector have quite a lot of similarities, there is definitely a difference. Both products can be used to cover up irregularities and they are often similar in colour and texture. You can apply a concealer before and after you have applied your foundation and a corrector is really meant to be applied on a clean skin. With a corrector you can neutralize blemishes, such as red or blue spots that show through your layer of foundation and concealer. A corrector is available in several colours and forms, such as the Neutralizer in liquid form. The Compact Neutralizer and Concealer Sticks in cream form, but also the Concealer in Box and the Concealer Box 6 colours contain correctors, say the colours green and orange.

Contouring with a concealer

Aside from hiding imperfections, you can also use a concealer to brighten certain areas of your face, or to create shadow. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone to brighten areas of your face. This gives a fresh, healthy look. By applying one shade darker than your natural skin tone can create shadows. This gives the face more definition.

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