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Lip Shaping Palettes

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Lip Shaping Palettes
$26,86 $13,43 ($13,43 inc tax)
FinishMatte, Shine Content6 x 1 ml TextureCream

Lip Shaping Palettes for perfect lips

One lip shaping palette with so many options! Do you want to start in the morning with a quiet lipstick, this is definitely in your palette! If you want to make the shade lighter, you can easily do this yourself by mixing it with the white color with your brush. Do you want more shine? Then use the shimmer over all this and, of course, always first start with the lip primer as your base. It makes the lipstick lasts way longer.

What's inside the lip shaping palette?

The Lip Shaping Palette contains a lip primer, two colors lipstick, a shader, a shimmer and a white color, a lip brush and a mirror.


The Lip Shaping Palette is available in 2 versions; challenging shades of red and classy nude shades.