Giftbox Eyes

Giftbox Eyes - Mascara 4D Extra Black + Eye Definer Save
$42,82 $35,29 ($35,29 inc tax)
3D False Lash Mascara  Extra Black + Eye Definer Dark Brown Save
$42,82 $29,78 ($29,78 inc tax)

A gift for the eyes

With the Eyes Giftbox from Make-up Studio, you give your friend, or yourself, something fun to make the eyes sparkle even more! You create the ultimate glance and the real "wow" effect!

What's inside the Eyes Giftbox?
With our False Lash Effect Mascara 4D Extra Black and our Eye Definer Black you create a fantastic look. With the revolutionary mascara, loved by makeup artists all over the world, you create lashes with an extreme amount of volume, maximum length and impressive glance.

The Eye Definer is perfect for the start of the sensitive waterline, eyelash edge or on the eyelid and makes your look even more powerful, thanks to the intense color that lasts all day. The Eye Definer also has an integrated sharpener. This way, you always have a sharp eyeliner.