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Make-up Studio Amsterdam is established in over 70 countries with an extensive range of high quality makeup and skin care products for the professional as well as the modern consumer. The mission of Make-up Studio has always been to use very high quality and offer an infinite range of colours for both the professional and consumer.

Make-up Studio Amsterdam works with General Distributors, Pro Distributors, Department Stores, Parfumiere Retailers, Duty Free companies and Online fashion/beauty Retailers. We are looking for worldwide expansion in all segments.

Selling Make-up Studio Amsterdam 

Are you interested in selling the professional products of Make-up Studio Amsterdam in your salon or perfumery? We are happy to discuss what the options are and what fits best with your salon. Email your (company) name and address details to the contact details below.

Franchise Concept

Make-up Studio Amsterdam expands the successful concept and is open for discussions with entrepreneurs and specialists who are interested in the Make-up Studio Amsterdam franchise concept and are attracted to the success of Make-up Studio Amsterdam.
Interested? Contact us via the contact details below

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