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Foundation Makeup

Fluid Foundation No Transfer - WA5 Sunset
Foundation Makeup
$30,39 ($30,39 inc tax)
FinishDewy, Natural, Matte CoverageSheer, Sheer- to Medium, Medium TextureLiquid
Face It Cream Foundation - WA3 Olive Beige
Foundation Makeup
$32,57 ($32,57 inc tax)
CoverageMedium, Full FinishDewy, Natural, Matte Content8 ml
Face It Light Cream Foundation - WB4 Golden Olive Save
Foundation Makeup
$29,30 $14,65 ($14,65 inc tax)
CoverageSheer- to Medium, Medium FinishDewy, Natural, Matte Content8 ml
Velvet Foundation - WA3 Olive Beige
Foundation Makeup
$32,57 ($32,57 inc tax)
CoverageSheer, Sheer- to Medium FinishDewy, Natural, Matte Content8 ml
Light Velvet Foundation - CA3 Alabaster
Foundation Makeup
$32,57 ($32,57 inc tax)
CoverageSheer, Sheer- to Medium FinishNatural, Matte Content8 ml


Foundation for an even skin

Foundation, the word really says it all, sets a foundation for the rest of your look. Foundation makes the skin look even in colour and texture. Unevenness, redness and other unwanted blemishes can be covered by foundation. In addition, foundation can also be used to give your skin a slightly darker or lighter tint. The most natural effect is created by choosing the foundation colour that is closest to your own skin tone and that matches your undertone.

Different kinds of foundation

Foundation comes in many different forms. Liquid foundation is the most popular form. But there are also cream foundations and powder-based foundations. The different substances all have their own characteristics. One foundation covers the skin better than the other and they have a shiny or matte finish. Foundation is best applied with a foundation brush or a perfect blending sponge.

Which foundation is right for you?

Which foundation is best for you depends on your skin type and your desired effect. If you have an oily skin type, it’s best to use a foundation in powder form, like the Compact Powder Foundation 3-in-1. This foundation adds coverage and makes sure that the oily skin is mattified. If you have dry skin,it is best to use a cream foundation, such as the Face It Cream Foundation. This foundation ensures that the skin does not dry out. If you have combination skin, liquid foundation suits you better, our Fluid Foundation No Transfer would be a great option. It's up to you to choose which foundation suits you best. Make-up Studio has a solution to easily find out which option suits you best. With the Complexion Finder you can find out which products best suit your skin type for an even more beautiful result.

Foundation in a large collection of colours

Make-up Studio offers foundations in a large collection of colours from very light to very dark. A suitable foundation can be found for every skin tone or undertone. The Fluid No Transfer is a liquid foundation that is semi-covering, attaches to the skin and does not transfer afterwards. The Face It Cream Foundation can be applied either semi-covering or full covering, the coverage is buildable. The Velvet Cream Foundation combines the benefits of a cream foundation with the convenience of a powder. The result will be flawless!

Match My Makeup

Are you unsure what colour you need and still want to order your foundation online? Do not worry, Make-up Studio has the right solution for that. With the "Match My Make-up" tool you can compare your current foundation color of any brand with the makeup colors of Make-up Studio.

Complexion Finder

Do you not know which product you can use best with your skin type? Make-up Studio has a solution for that as well. With the "Complexion Finder" you can determine the product that suits your skin tone, undertone, skin problems and your favorite finish within a few steps!

Foundation kopen?

Did you choose the perfect foundation for your skintype or skinproblem? ? Order it today in our shop! Make sure to check out the brushes and beauty sponges from Make-up Studio to apply your new foundation at ease!