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Brush etuis

Brush etuis
$12,40 $6,20 ($6,20 inc tax)
Brush etuis
$37,76 ($37,76 inc tax)
Brush etuis
$52,86 ($52,86 inc tax)
Brush etuis
$20,50 ($20,50 inc tax)
Brush etuis
$528,58 ($528,58 inc tax)

Brush etuis, everything you need in one set!

The brush cases for Make-up Studio offers all the tools you need for the perfect look. Do you only want a few brushes, then you can choose the 5-pieces brush set, but Make-up Studio also offers very extensive make-up brush etuis

For both the starting makeup artist to the professional. Suitable to store and organize the brushes of makeup-, grime- and face paint artists.

Make-up Studio has even brush cases with or without extra pockets. In these pockets, you can store your attachments like sponges, cleansers or other make-up related attachments.

Quality brush etuis

The etuis with brushes are made of different materials. Available in affordable nylon to a more luxurious leather brush case.

Do you already have all the brushes and do you only want a case to store them? In that ‘case’: take a look in the large collection of empty brush cases of Make-up Studio and find your perfect match!