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Cheek brush

Cheek brush
$20,39 ($20,39 inc tax)
HairtypePony hair
Cheek brush
$35,49 ($35,49 inc tax)
HairtypeGoat hair
Cheek brush
$13,92 ($13,92 inc tax)
HairtypeNylon hair

The best highlight brushes

Cheek brushes, to get the best result use the shaping and to apply a beautiful blush or highlighter. Apply your blusher or compact powder with an angled brush for a natural result. Do you want to apply the shaping product a little more precisely? Then use the Definer Brush it’s ideal for applying concealer or for shaping with cream makeup. The thin shape of the definer brush also allows you to work very precisely.

Make-up Studio Amsterdam has various brushes to accentuate your face shape.