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Nail brush

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Nail brush
$6,37 $3,18 ($3,18 inc tax)
HairtypeSynthetic hair

Nail-art nailbrush for the real nailartist! Because like every artist needs his brushes, so it is of course for those who wants to do nail-art! A real delicate nail pencil, to create the most beautiful creations on the nails

Quality and use

The hairs of the nailbrush are soft, flexible and from outstanding quality, has synthetic hairs. The nail brush of Make-up Studio Amsterdam is easy in use for both the starting as the advanced nail-art artist. By the shape of the nailbrush it fits comfortable in the hand and because of it, it’s just fabulous in use.

For what can I use a nail brush?

You can use the nail brush for nail polish, nailpowder, acryl, acrylpowder and to apply for example nail rhinestones or nail diamonds.