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Eyebrow brush

Eyebrow brush
$17,15 ($17,15 inc tax)
Eyeshadow Brush
$18,23 ($18,23 inc tax)
HairtypeSynthetic hair
Eyebrow brush
$12,83 ($12,83 inc tax)
HairtypeMink hair
Eyebrow brush
$7,44 ($7,44 inc tax)
HairtypeNylon hair

Eyebrow brushes for nicely shaped eyebrows

The eyebrowbrush is the essential tool to create the perfect eyebrows! The right shape eyebrow can be created with eyebrowpowder or eyebrowgel. Of course, you need the right eyebrow brush to do that! Make-up Studio Amsterdam has different brushes to create your ideal eyebrows. Even for the most stubborn hairs, there is a handy comb to separate the hairs or lashes nice and pretty.

Different kinds of eyebrow brushes

The eyebrow brushes are made of high-end materials, have a professional look, and have a very comfortable feeling in the hand and use. The eyebrow pencils of Make-up Studio have mink hair or nylon hair on the ends of the brushes for modeling the eyebrows, or for applying the eyebrowpowder or eyebrowgel.  We even have a combined eyebrowbrush with comb and brush in one. Ideal for perfect modeling of the eyebrows!

Mink or nylon eyebrow brushes

Both brushes for the brows are from mink or nylon hairs are high quality. The nylon brushes are firm and ideal if you want precise eyebrows. The brushes finished with mink hair, gives a pretty and more natural effect. It isn’t for nothing that professionals are so in love with our mink-hair brushes!