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Makeup fixing spray

Makeup fixing spray
$21,47 ($21,47 inc tax)
Content200 ml
Makeup fixing spray
$34,41 ($34,41 inc tax)
Content100 ml

Fixing spray for a long-lasting make-up look

Use a fixing spray as the last step over your make-up when you also want your make-up to stay in place perfectly, all day long! The fixing spray ensures that the makeup does not fade during the day and/or night. Ideal for long days and perfect for parties!

How do I use a setting spray?

Spray a layer of setting spray as the last step over the make-up and voilà, your make-up will stay in place!

Which fixing sprays are there

At Make-up Studio you will find 2 different types of fixing sprays, the Fix It and the Make-up Fixer. Each with their own qualities. Have a look at them and make your choice for the best fixer for your own personal use.