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Lip Primer

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$18,23 ($18,23 inc tax)
Lip Primer
$18,23 $9,12 ($9,12 inc tax)
Content3 gr TextureCream Tones to UndertoneNeutral undertone

Lip primer for optimum color result

Applying lipstick nicely and evenly is sometimes an art. One lipstick grabs your lips better than the other. Do you want to enjoy your lipstick all day long? Then use a lip primer before applying lipstick. The lip primers from Make-up Studio Amsterdam help you to apply your lipstick, give a boost to the color intensity and also ensure that the color fades less quickly.

Lip primer in a jar or stick

At Make-up Studio we offer the lip primer in a jar or in a primer stick. If you apply the lip primer with a lip brush it is more convenient to work from a jar. The lip prime stick is useful for on-the-go and you can easily apply just like you apply a lipstick.

Care and lip primer in one

The lip primers of Make-up Studio Amsterdam contain nourishing ingredients that not only benefit the color and smoothness of your lipstick, but also take care of your lips and prevent dehydration.