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Do you need help finding the right foundation, concealer, bronzer or powder colour? Do you already have a colour from another brand that suits you perfectly, but do you want to find your match for Make-up Studio? From now on this is possible with the Match My Make-up tool!

It is very simple: Match My Makeup compares different colours in their lab using scientific methods. It's simple: share your current color and we will match it to your perfect Make-up Studio match. 




Go to the category page of the type of product you want to request a match of. Foundation, concealer, bronzer or foundation powder.
Pick a product from the overview of which you would like to have a match.
On the product page, click on the Match My Makeup banner. The Match My Makeup tool will open via a pop-up.
Select which brand you are currently using. Select which product from that brand you are currently using. Select what colour you are currently using.
The unique and scientifically based Match My Makeup algorithm calculates your perfect match and gives you an exact color and product match with one of our products.
Click on the "View shade" button and you will automatically be taken to the product page of your match.
There are already more than 4000 products scientifically tested by Match My Makeup. This has already resulted in more than 5 million successful purchases, using the Match My Makeup Tool.