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How to : Cover dark circles

Dark circles

Start by applying the Face Prep Illuminating Primer with Brush No. 35. This primer is the perfect base for your makeup. The primer will give your skin a beautiful glow and make your makeup last longer. In addition, it contains SPF30 to protect your skin. Then, use the Concealer Box 6 colours - 1. To get rid of blue areas like puffiness and dark circles, you can use an orange concealer. This works the same way with all other areas of the face. Look at the colour wheel and look for the colour of the area you want to camouflage. Colours that are the opposite of each other on the colour wheel camouflage each other. For example, an orange concealer covers a blue area and a green concealer covers a red area. Today we are going to cover the blue circles around the eyes with the orange concealer from the Concealer Box 6 colours -1. Use Brush No. 25.
Apply the Translucent Powder Extra Fine - 1 around the eyes with Brush No. 09. We apply this product so that the orange concealer does not mix with the next layer of makeup. This powder feels light on the skin and gives a matte effect. Then apply another layer of concealer to the skin under the eyes. This time choose a colour from the Concealer Box 6 colours, , that matches your skin tone. You can choose one shade lighter to brighten the skin under your eyes. This gives a fresh look and brings more attention to your eyes. The dark circles are now eliminated.
Next, apply the Fluid Foundation No Transfer using the Perfect Blending Sponge. To mattify the foundation, use the Translucent Powder Extra Fine - 1 with Brush No. 01. The powder makes your makeup look last all day and it doesn't get greasy or oily on the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead). Then apply the colour Elegant Beige from the Shape & Glow Cheek Palette Peach on the eyelid. For more intensity, you can moisten the brush with the Makeup Fixer. Besides intensifying the colour, this also creates a waterproof effect. Your makeup look stays in place all day.
Next, apply a layer of the False Lash Effect Mascara 4D Extra Black Original to the lashes. Apply some bronzer from the Shape & Glow Cheek Palette to the cheeks, forehead, and under the jawline. This is how you create shadow on your face. By applying shadow somewhere, you bring that part of your face back. By highlighting points on your face, you bring the points forward. Use the Highlighter in Mystic Desert and apply with Brush No. 08 to the bridge of the nose and the cupid bow. For the lips, apply the Lipgloss Supershine - SP3. Finish with the Makeup Fixer, so your makeup stays in place all day.