Concealer Pencil

Concealer Pencil
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The concealer pencil is a real multi tool and must have for your make-up bag. Ideal for use in your waterline, as a neutral lip liner, to camouflage small spots or as a highlight under your eyebrow. More info
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This fine soft concealer pencil has the perfect color for use in the waterline. The clear skin color ensures that your eyes appear optically larger, without the water edge looking too white. In addition, you can also use it as a lip liner to make your lips stand out more visually, as a highlight under your eyebrow and, of course, to camouflage irregularities on the skin.

Use the pencil as desired. This pencil has so many options, think of use on; water line, lip line, highlight under eyebrow and on skin blemishes.

  • Multi functional
  • Clear skin color
  • Soft pencil
  • Semi covering
  • Matte
Skin color:
  • Light to medium
  • Pencil
Tones to Undertone:
  • Cold undertone

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