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Brow Stencil Bold

Brow Stencil Bold
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The Brow Stencils are the perfect tool for defining the shape of your eyebrows and defining the eyebrows with your favorite eyebrow product! They are flexible sheets of plastic or stickers that provide an outline to help shape and groom your arches to perfection. More info
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Brow shaping is not always the easiest task. Choose the Brow Stencil that best suits your natural brow shape and then fill inthe brow symmetrically with ease. The Brow Stencils are available in six different varieties. 

  • Brow Stencil Arched: Gives the eyebrows a lift.
  • Brow Stencil Bold: Gives the eyebrows more volume and a fuller look. 
  • Brow Stencil Natural: Gives a natural effect to the eyebrow.
  • Brow Stencil Rounded: Gives extra roundness to the eyebrows, Rounded eyebrows follow the natural curve of the eye.
  • Brow Stencil Shaped: Gives a slight lift to the eyebrow.
  • Brow Stencil Steep Arch: Gives an extra strong lift to the eyebrow.

A stencil for every brow shape

The Brow stencils allow you to create symmetrical eyebrow shapes. There are six different stencils from Make-up Studio. For every eyebrow shape there is a suitable stencil available. 

The perfect, easily made eyebrows

It has never been easier to create any desired eyebrow shape. The eyebrow stencils are easy to use, as they are made of flexible plastic. Apply the desired product in the indentation of the stencil, such as the Eyebrow Powder.

The stencils are very easy to use. Read below how to achieve a natural look step by step. 

  1. Follow the natural shape of the eyebrow. 
  2. Place the stencil in the right place on the eyebrow bone and hold it firmly. 
  3. Use a pencil, powder or gel to fill in the stencil. You can draw thin hairs for a slightly natural result. 
  4. Remove the stencil from the face and remove 'stray' hairs with tweezers, for example the WAL Professional tweezers.
  5. Clean the stencil, turn it over and start with the other eyebrow. 

Why we love it

  • Easy to use
    Because the stencils are made of flexible plastic, it's easy to apply powder, gel or eyebrow pencil.
  • Symmetrical eyebrows
    Using the stencils creates symmetrical eyebrows. Your eyebrows will no longer be sisters, but truly twins!
  • Decide the shape of your eyebrows yourself
    The different stencils allow you to determine which shape suits you best. Whether you want full brows or very natural ones, the eyebrow stencils allow you to achieve all your favorite eyebrow looks. 
  • Perfect for shapeless brows
    The eyebrow stencils are perfect for people who want to add hair because they have few eyebrow hairs, have unshaped eyebrows or suffer from hair loss such as alopecia. 

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