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Eyeshadow Refill

Eyeshadow Refill
$9,40 $6,58 ($6,58 inc tax)
FinishMatte Content2,5 gr ShapeSquare
Eyeshadow Refill
$10,46 ($10,46 inc tax)
FinishMatte Content3 gr ShapeRound
Eyeshadow Refill
$15,73 ($15,73 inc tax)
FinishShine Content1,8 gr ShapeRound
Eyeshadow Refill
$16,79 ($16,79 inc tax)
FinishShine Content1,8 gr ShapeRound
Eyeshadow Refill
$11,51 ($11,51 inc tax)
FinishShine Content3 gr ShapeRound
Eyeshadow Refill
$17,85 ($17,85 inc tax)
FinishGlitter Content2 gr ShapeRound

The most beautiful glance with eyeshadow refill from Make-up Studio

Eyeshadow refills are indispensable if you want to create a spectacular look, especially if you want to create your own eyeshadow palette.

Which eyeshadow palette is right for me?

Choose one of our empty palettes to match the refill size. Or take a look at our palettes to choose which refills you want to go for. Round or rectangular refill, we have both sizes and we have something suitable for everyone’s needs.

Which eyeshadow color matches my eyes? 

With eyeshadow, it is important that you choose a color that matches both your skin color and the iris of your eye. If you have brown eyes, warm colors and gold tones are very beautiful. Green eyes shine with natural tones and if you want to let blue eyes speak, choose cool blue or gray tones. Do you want to combine different colors? Then a beautiful eyeshadow palette with various colors can offer a solution.

Different types of eyeshadow: Matt or Gloss

At Make-up Studio we offer many choices in different eyeshadows. Our round refill is available in more than 160 colors, from matte to shine. Most of this eyeshadow can be applied both dry and wet. When the eyeshadow is applied wet, the color is more intense and the lines crisper. This means you can also apply the eyeshadow as an eyeliner with a thin brush.

The Lumière eyeshadow is very shiny and good to use for a 3D effect.

Long lasting eyeshadow

If you want your eyeshadow to last for a long time and the color pop, use the Eye Primer beforehand.

Create a special effects with eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is the perfect product to create special effects. You can play with eyeshadow in intensity, shade and color combinations. If you really want to shine and stand out with your eyeshadow, choose something extra, like jewel effects, metallic effects, or shiny effects.

Applying eyeshadow

The eyeshadow can be applied with one of the eyeshadow brushes we have at Make-up Studio.
Curious which ones we have? View them here on this eyeshadow brushes webpage!