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Pro Makeup Artist Cases

Pro Makeup Artist Cases
$144,55 ($144,55 inc tax)

You go on a journey and take with you: the makeup case from Make-up Studio of course!

Want to bring all your makeup products to the job? Then the makeup suitcase from Make-up Studio should not be missing out!

Suitcase versions

Available in three types: A black makeup pro, which is practical in use. A medium aluminium and lightweight makeup suitcase, and a bigger brother: a large aluminium makeup suitcase.

Makeup case quality and organisation

The suitcases are high quality and you can make sure you are able to store all your lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliners, foundation, mascara, blush, brushes and other makeup supplies, like a beauty blender. With the clever compartments, you can easily organize and customize how to store your makeup.