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Lip Shaping Palette Nude meets Plum

Lip Shaping Palette Nude meets Plum
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Content6 x 1 ml

Full lips, heart-shaped lips, thin lips, a glossy lip, a matte lip or an hombre lip ... .. nowadays, a new lip trend is lurking every week. With the super handy Lip Shaping palette all these shapes and looks are within reach. Get a grip on your lip!

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This fine Lip Shaping Palette contains all the ingredients you need to play with the shape and look of your lips. The handy size palette including mirror and lip brush contains a lip primer, 2 beautiful matte lipstick colors, a shader, a shimmer, and a white lipstick to be able to weaken any color without changing the tone of the color. To provide you with the best tips & tricks, the pallet includes a how-to-step plan.

You can play infinitely with the color and shape of your lips by using the Lip Shaping palette. Choose a desired form from the instruction manual and follow the how-to step-by-step plan.

Tip: Check out our Lip Shaping Palette film on You Tube for extra inspiration!

  • Infinite possibilities
  • Easy to take with you when traveling
  • Including how to step-by-step plan
  • Pink
6 x 1 ml
  • Matte
  • Shine
  • Cream
Color code:
Red meets Purple