Discover the art of makeup from Amsterdam
Full eyebrows are a real beauty feature. A light makeup look with a finely drawn, yet full eyebrow! Who doesn't want this? Are you gifted with fluffy eyebrows? Then you are blessed with a lot of possibilities! Would you like to get your eyebrows in perfect shape with makeup? Try these 4 easy steps. Read them below and transform your full eyebrows into 'the perfect brow look'!



Are you ready for amazing brows? To start off, brush the hairs of your eyebrows in an upward direction. The Mascara Brush N33 enables you to do this easily. Now that the hairs are in the upward direction, you can start drawing lifelike eyebrow hairs between your own eyebrow hairs. The Brow Definer has a very precise tip that enables to create thin hair like strokes. Draw with the hair direction of your own eyebrows and from the bottom to the top for the most natural result.
After drawing the first hairs, it is time to define the end of the eyebrows. You do this by first brushing the eyebrows downwards with the Mascara Brush N33. Now draw hairs with the Brow Definer from the corner of your eyebrow from top to bottom to naturally fill in and define your eyebrows. Once you are done, brush the eyebrow hairs back up using Mascara Brush N33.
To even enhance the eyebrow shape and get more definition, draw a line under the eyebrow with the Brow Definer from the beginning to the end. This gives the eyebrow a neat, yet natural look. For volume, use Eyebrow Fix - Eyebrow Gel and brush all your eyebrow hairs upwards. This creates a 'laminated brow' effect and your eyebrows will be extra full and natural. In addition, your eyebrow hairs will stay in place all day long!
To complete the perfect fluffy eyebrow look, we finish it off with the Concealer Pencil. This pencil ensures that your eyebrows are defined at the bottom and provides a nice highlight effect. Draw a thin line with the Concealer Pencil underneath the full length of the eyebrow. Blend this out in a downwards direction with the Definer Brush Flat N24 for an optimal highlight and nicely finished full brow.