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Where some prefer full eyebrows, others prefer thin eyebrows. Make-up Studio has a solution for all desired eyebrow looks. Do you have thin eyebrows and would like to define them with makeup? This is possible! By following the 4 steps below you can give your thin eyebrows extra definition and create a dazzling impression in one glance.



Ready to get your eyebrows in perfect shape? To start off, brush your eyebrow hairs up with the Twisted Mascara Brush No 33.
When your eyebrow hairs are nicely brushed up, use the Arch Brush Slanted N42 to draw eyebrow hairs with the Eyebrow Powder in the desired colour. You can create realistic eyebrow hairs by drawing hairs from bottom to top in the natural direction of your own eyebrow hair growth.
Now that you've defined your eyebrows by drawing extra hairs, you obviously want youreyebrows to stay in perfect shape all day long. Brush the eyebrows in the desired direction with Eyebrow Fix - Eyebrow Gel. Now they will stay secure all day long!
The eyebrow hairs are drawn and in perfect shape! To finish this eyebrow look, define the eyebrows by applying concealer under the eyebrow. You can use the Concealer in Box for this. You can choose a lighter concealer to brighten the area under the eyebrows. This way the concealer not only defines, but also acts as a highlighter. You're ready to go!