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Eyebrows are more popular than ever these days, and that's not surprising! Eyebrows determine your appearance and give the face definition. So what's the perfect shape for your eyebrows? You can measure it with the Brow Mapping technique. With the Brow Mapping technique you'll find the best eyebrow shape for your face at ease! This template-free process involves using a number of lines to determine the ideal locations for your eyebrows to start and end. By measuring the starting and ending points and seeing where the angle of your eyebrow should be, you can see exactly which eyebrow suits your face. Are you ready for the perfect eyebrow shape? Let's get started!



Look at your eyebrows in the mirror. Then comb the hairs of your eyebrows up with the Mascara Brush N33/Nylon.
Then use a thin brush, such as the Nail Art Brush, and place it along your nostril straight up. Your eyebrow should start where your brush ends. Draw a line in the place of the thin brush with the eyebrow product you will use to draw the eyebrow, in this case the Pro Brow Gel Liner - Dark. Use Arch Brush Slanted N42.
To determine where your brow should end, place the thin brush from the wing of your nose along the end of your eye. Where the thin brush ends draw another line with the Pro Brow Gel Liner using Arch Brush Slanted N42.
Now that the starting and finishing points of the eyebrow have been determined, you can find the point where the eyebrow arch will be. You determine this by placing the thin brush next to your nostril, with the brush crossing the iris when you look straight ahead. Where the brush ends, you can put another line of eyebrow product.
Look straight into the mirror again to see if the placement of the lines is clear enough. Now begin to fill in the brows by applying small strokes with the Arch Brush Slanted N42 and the chosen brow product: the Pro Brow Gel Liner - Dark. When drawing the eyebrows, follow the natural upper and lower limits of your hair growth. This way you'll achieve the most natural look.
To finish off the eyebrow look, you can choose to brush the hairs up again with Eyebrow Fix - Eyebrow Gel. This product will ensure that your eyebrows stay in shape all day long. Et voila! You've found the perfect eyebrow shape for your face!