Rainbow Haze


Rainbow Haze

If you want something different then this is the palette to try out. This colored palette contains matte and shiny eyeshadows. With the different shades of color it makes it easy to do a monochromatic look or go playful and use them to create a complementary look.

How to use:

Create your favorite color combination with this palette to show your best. Try using the warmer orange tones on the eyelids with bright purple in the lash line to really stand out. Or create a beautiful swimming pool look with the aqua blue tones combined with purple to create a mermaid feel. With these colors, there are no wrong combinations. Mix and match the colors, try it out!

Easy colored eye look
1. Use a bright color with brush 9 and place the eyeshadow all over the eyelid and blend the edges until it appears soft
2. Then take brush 21 and use a darker color wet to draw a beautiful eyeliner
3. Take brush 24 and blend the color on to your lower lash line
4. Finish off with our 4D false lash mascara and if you feel dramatic, add on a pair of our false lashes

Colored crease look
1. Use your favorite bright color with brush 9 and place the eyeshadow in the crease and the outer corner
2. Take brush 25 and use your concealer to carve out the shape you want to highlight
3. Tap one of the light shiny eyeshadows on top
4. Finish off with a pair of lashes.

Smoked cat eye with color
1. Use tape to shape your cat eye look
2. Take your favorite color and apply this from the crease into the wing
3. Use concealer and lightly apply this on the eyelid
4. Tap a light matte color on top to set this
5. Use brush 21 and draw your eyeliner with a color to your choice (try something new!)
6. Add on your favorite pair of false lashes and slay your colored make-up