Natural Bliss


Natural Bliss

With this palette you can create your favorite soft daily makeup and build it up to an intense sultry smokey eye. The cool tones can be used to define the features in the face on a very subtle way or simply use them to create depth in the eye make-up. Try the warm tones to create a more bronzy look for this summer and get that summer glow going. Combine the warm and cool tones and enhance your Natural Bliss.

How to use:

Go for a bronzy eye look with the warm tones or contour the nose with a lighter cool tone. Try the combination of the warm tone on the eyelid with a cool tone under the lash line to create a mysterious look. With this palette you can create beautiful looks for work, a date or you can even go all out and do a beautiful glam look.

Day to night look
1. First use the eye primer to remove the redness from the eyelid and use brush 15 to apply it
2. Use brush 8 to apply a lighter color to set a base
3. Take a medium toned eyeshadow and blend this in the crease using brush 9 from the inner corner to the outer corner and on the lower lash line
4. Then take a lighter color and apply this all over the eyelid
5. Use brush 18 to apply the lightest color in the inner corner to brighten up the look
6. Finish the look with our 4D False Lash mascara

To soft smoke the look:
1. Take brush 24 and use a darker eyeshadow to darken the lower lash line
2. Then blend out the lower lash line with a medium tone using brush 11 to make it look smokey
3. Mix the darkest color with the medium color and darken the crease
4. Keep blending until you think it looks dark enough

To smoke the look:
1. Use our eye definer in black in the waterline to smoke the lash line
2. Then take a medium tone and blend it in the outer V area and towards the crease area
3. Apply it all over the eyelid to really darken it
4. Use the eye definer on top of your lash line to intensify the look
5. And finish off with your favorite pair of fake lashes to create the ultimate glam look