Free Concealer Pencil when you spend €40,-! Discover the art of makeup from Amsterdam



Start by applying the Pre Base with Brush No. 35. This primer will create an even base for your makeup and for your makeup to stay perfectly in place through the day.
Next, choose the foundation that matches the colour of your skin. For this model we used the Fluid Foundation No Transfer - Ivory.
To make certain points on your face stand out even more, you can brighten them up. You do this with a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone/foundation. For this model we used the Concealer in Box - 1. The Concealer in Box - 1 is applied with the Camouflage Brush N25 on the nose, under the eyes on the sides of the forehead and the chin. You can blend the concealer even more into the skin with the Perfect Blending Sponge. Using the Camouflage Brush N25, point out spots on the skin that can still be seen through your foundation.
Now that the skin is nice and even, you want it to stay that way all day long. For this you can use a powder. For this look we used the Translucent Powder Extra Fine - 1. This powder is colourless and suitable for all skin tones. Apply the Translucent Powder Extra Fine with the Powder Brush N1.
Now the face looks even, you might want to apply some shadow and colour. The shadow can be created with a powder that is one or two shades darker than the face. In this look, the Compact Mineral Powder - Warm Beige was used. It is applied with the Shape Brush Round N6 right under the cheekbones, on the nose, the sides of the forehead and on the jawline.
To add more colour to the face, you can use a blush. Blush is applied to the cheekbones and the apple of the cheeks (depending on your face shape). For this look, the Cream Blush - Sincere Rose was used. This gives a fresh and healthy look.
By smoothing out small irregularities, brightening certain areas, adding shadow and colouring the face with blush the skin gets a natural look that is completely even.
Finish your makeup look in your favourite way! For this model, the look was finished off with the Pro Brow Gel Liner Eyebrow Gel - Blonde. For the eyes, the Eyeshadow in box 423, 21 and the Eyeshadow moondust Lilac Palladium was used. For an extra touch of sparkle, Colour Pigments Eye Shadow - Rose Quarts was applied to the eyelid. The eyelashes were pressed on with the False Lash effect mascara 4D Extra Black. The lips were outlined with the Durable Lip Contour - Sheer Nude and filled in with Lipstick 52.