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The Brow Definer and Eyebrow Fix Duo is now temporarily available in gift packaging which means you can now shop this item for only €19.90 instead of the original €28.80! The Brow Definer gives you a fuller, defined and natural eyebrow look, while the Eyebrow Fix fixates your eyebrow hairs. This eyebrow duo ensures you have beautiful eyebrows all day long without worrying. Available in 2 shades. 

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The perfect eyebrow duo is now available in a special Amsterdam gift box! With the Make-up Studio Brow Definer and Eyebrow Fix you can make your eyebrows optically fuller, shape them and define them. Surprise your loved ones with this professional makeup gift from the most beautiful city of the Netherlands. Or use it for yourself to shape your own eyebrows in no time! This brow combination will give your eyebrows a look you'll never forget. Shop the Brow Definer + Eyebrow Fix Duo with more than 30% discount and treat your brows to a look that lasts all day.

Brow Definer

This natural brow pencil is ideal for defining and filling empty brow spaces. The thin tip of the pencil makes it easy to draw small, lifelike hairs. The Brow Definer is long-lasting, waterproof and smudgeproof. You can easily build up the colour intensity of this pencil by using a light or heavy hand whilst applying.

Eyebrow Fix

The Eyebrow Fix is a transparent eyebrow gel which ensures that your eyebrow hairs take on the desired shape and stay in place all day. The brush is ideal for brushing your eyebrows upwards or in the desired direction. The gel is also suitable for shaping your lashes on a day when you want a natural makeup look.

The perfect duo from Amsterdam

The Brow Definer and the Eyebrow Fix make the perfect eyebrow duo! The Brow Definer can give the eyebrows extra volume, while the Eyebrow Fix provides the perfect shape and fixation of the eyebrow hairs. The perfect duo from Amsterdam is now available in a fun set. Shop now for a combination price of only €19.90.

  1. Rotate the Brow Definer in an upward motion.
  2. With the precise tip of the Brow Definer, you can draw perfect lifelike hairs. 
  3. The pencil is easy to turn upwards and therefore does not need to be sharpened.
  4. Brush the eyebrow hairs into the desired shape with the Eyebrow Fix in upward movements or in your desired direction.

Why we love it

Brow definer

  • Thin sharp tip for precision

The Brow Definer's thin tip allows precise application. Draw thin hairs, define your eyebrows or fill in your eyebrows easily. 

  • Colour intensity can be built up

Do you like light or dark eyebrow hairs? Both is no problem for the Brow Definer! You can create your desired look by simply using either a light hand or pressing more firmly whilst drawing the hair strokes. This will affect the Brow Definer’s colour payoff so you can achieve your desired look!

  • Long-lasting result

The Brow Definer is smudge-proof. You can make sure that your eyebrows will still be perfect after a long day.

  • Waterproof

Never worry about your eyebrows again! The Brow Definer is waterproof!.

  • Natural-looking brows

The Brow Definer's thin tip allows you to draw lifelike hairs.

Eyebrow Fix

  • Long-lasting results

After using the Eyebrow Fix, you can be sure that your eyebrows will be in perfect shape all day long.

  • Moisture-proof

Don't worry if it rains or if the hot days bring a few drops of sweat. The Eyebrow Fix can withstand moisture! 

  • Also suitable for modeling eyelashes

Fancy a natural look? Your lashes stay in perfect shape all day long with the Eyebrow Fix.

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