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Blush Lumière - Soft Peach

Blush Lumière - Soft Peach
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Get those shiny cheeks with the Blusher Lumière! This blusher gives your face the subtle glow you are looking for. Blush is often used on the cheeks, cheekbones or anywhere else you want to add colour. Blush gives your face a healthy-looking boost by adding colour to the desired areas. More info
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Due to the micro gloss particles the Blusher Lumière gives a beautiful glowy effect. The Blusher Lumière is a hard-baked powder that does not dust. Because the powder is hard baked, a beautiful shimmer is released. It gives the blusher an extra dimension. You can easily take the product with you. The product does not dust and is perfect for a quick touch-up.

Applying Blush Lumière
Applying blush is easy with a blush brush. A twisting motion distributes the product well on the skin. If you are not wearing foundation, apply the blusher after your skincare.

Tip from the makeup artist
This Blusher Lumière is also available as a practical refill. With this refill you don't have to buy a new blusher every time. The refills are also suitable for empty palettes with a round cut-out.

  1. The Blusher Lumiére is easy to apply. Follow the steps below to apply a beautiful shimmer to your face.
  2. Apply the blusher with your chosen blusher brush.
  3. You can apply the blusher on the cheeks, cheekbones or anywhere else you want to add extra colour to your face.
  4. Place the brush in the desired location and turn the brush in small circles to blend the blusher. Always swirl upwards in small circles. This gives the face a lift.
  • Beautiful subtle shimmer
    The Blusher Lumière has an irresistible glow due to the micro-shine particles in the powder.
  • Hard-baked powder
    The blusher is hard baked. This means that the product does not dust. You can easily take the product with you for a quick touch-up during the day.
  • Vegan
    This is a vegan make-up product. This means that the product has not been tested on animals and does not contain any animal ingredients.
  • Orange
1,8 gr
  • Shine
  • Powder
Tones to Undertone:
  • Warm undertone
Color code:
Soft Peach
Ich liebe die die Produkte von make up Studio allgemein sehr gut
schön aufzutragen, fühlt sich angenehm an sieht sehr schön aus und die Farbe für Rouge und oberes Lid bei mir sehr schön
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