Green Embrace

Nomadic Summer Trend 2016

Nomadic Spring Summer trend 2016

This season you’re going to unleash your personal power. Our goal is to let you embrace your individuality. We give you the green light to be fearlessly authentic with our Fall/Winter ‘16/’17 makeup collection. Go out with your friends, make your own rules and dare to shine!

Embrace our new Green Eyeshadow Duo, Lumière Highlighting Powder and Matte lipsticks.

Are you ready to step out of the crowd?

Koraal lipstick Matte | Gypsy Coral

Eyeshadow Duo | Green Companions
This soft Eyeshadow Duo just has it all and it’s the perfect pallet for you. Start off with the dark green in your crease. Blend the dark and light green companions together, and apply it on your eyelid. Finish your eye look with the light green, as a highlighter in the corner of your eyes. The intense pigment creates an instant wow-effect. Mix, match and blend the colours to create the look you desire.

Lipstick Matte | Nude Humanity

Lumière Highlightning Powder | Champagne Halo
Say hi to your best friend of the season. This beautiful highlighter will make you step into the spotlight. Literally, as the luminous satin sheen will accentuate your best features and create a halo around you. The baked highlighter has a very intense colour and shine, leaving no dust at all. Apply the highlighter wet for an even more powerful effect.


Blauwe nagellak Indigo

Matte Lipsticks | Edgy Nude and Nude Silhouette
With these newbies your nude matte lipstick stash is complete! To express your daily mood even more you can choose from two different shades. Make a unique statement with ‘Edgy Nude’ for a mysterious pout. Are you in a sweet mood? Boost your personality with the mesmerizing ‘Nude Silhouette’ for lovable lips!

Banana Powder

Eye Definer | Green Forest
The perfect eyeliner is just here. To complement the eyeshadows and intensify the powerful eye look, use this Eye Definer in Green Forest in the waterline, the lashline or the eyelid. The eyeliner is waterproof and smudgeproof and will last the entire day. The dark green will compliment all eye colours to make the eyes pop.


Colour Pigments | Citrine

Nail Colour | Black Shadow
Complete your Green Embrace look with a stunner of a nail polish: Green Shadow. This deep green colour gives your fingertips an elegant and daring twist at the same time. There is no reason to hide anymore. You can step definitely out of the crowd with this polish.



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