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Waterproof Make-up

Brow Gel
$22,46 ($22,46 inc tax)
FinishMatte Content5 ml TextureLiquid
$20,41 ($20,41 inc tax)
Content8,5 ml
Makeup fixing spray
$32,70 ($32,70 inc tax)
Content100 ml
Eyeliner & Eye pencil
$16,30 ($16,30 inc tax)
TexturePencil FinishMatte Tones to UndertoneCold undertone
$19,38 ($19,38 inc tax)
FinishShine Content5 ml TextureMousse
Eyebrow pencil
$16,30 ($16,30 inc tax)
TexturePencil FinishMatte Color code1

Waterproof Makeup for an all-day fresh look

Waterproof formulas are a the best pick if you need your makeup to last through many situations. It’s perfect for a sweaty workout, a night out or through summer season. Waterproof makeup makes sure you’re at your best best all day long!

Waterproof and regular makeup formulas are very different from each other, even though they often contain the same ingredients. Unlike normal makeup products, waterproof formulas are specifically made to resist and stay perfectly in place when it gets in touch with water. The products contain adhesives that allow the makeup to stay on the skin very well. A disadvantage may be that the makeup is more difficult to remove from the skin. If you want to remove waterproof makeup, it is best to use an oil-based makeup remover.

Different waterproof makeup products

Make-up Studio offers a large collection of waterproof products. Most people will be familiar with a waterproof mascara. An essential product for a summer swim or a rainy day. However, our assortment consists of many more products than just a waterproof mascara. The waterproof range consists of:

- Brow definer
- Durable eyeshadow mouse
- Pro brow gel liner
- Fixing spray
- 3D mascara

These products are not only perfect for a basic summer vacation look, but also for a glam night in the rain. With Make-up Studio's waterproof range you are guaranteed: a fresh, irresistible look.

Want to buy our waterproof makeup products?

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