Powder Puff

Powder Puff
$9,93 ($9,93 inc tax)
Powder Puff
$6,59 ($6,59 inc tax)
Color codeBlack
Powder Puff
$6,58 ($6,58 inc tax)
Powder Puff
$5,47 ($5,47 inc tax)

Powder puff, the ideal applier of powder!

The powder puff of Make-up Studio makes you apply your powder pretty and equally. Because of it, you create a beautiful and natural appearance.

For what can you use the powder puff?
The powderpuff is easy to use to divide powder and creates an equal effect on the skin. Suitable for the applying of loose powder or to prevent damages to the skin during the application of makeup.

Powderpuff colors and sizes
The powder velour of Make-up Studio is available in the colors black, pink and beige. Our top-of-the-bill powder puff is available at Make-up Studio in the sizes small, medium or large.