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Prime & Protect

Face Primer
$24,62 ($24,62 inc tax)
Content35 ml CoverageTransparent merkenMake-up studio
Eye Primer
$18,73 ($18,73 inc tax)
Content2,5 ml FinishMatte Tones to UndertoneNeutral undertone
Lip Primer
$18,73 ($18,73 inc tax)
Content3 gr TextureCream Tones to UndertoneNeutral undertone
Face Primer
$25,80 ($25,80 inc tax)
Content35 ml CoverageTransparent merkenMake-up studio
Makeup fixing spray
$23,44 ($23,44 inc tax)
Content200 ml
Makeup fixing spray
$37,57 ($37,57 inc tax)
Content100 ml
Brand new
$19,91 ($19,91 inc tax)

Why Prime & Protect Products?

An absolute must-try trick to keep your makeup looking good is using Prime & Protect products. Many makeup lovers already know about primers, but a large group thinks that it is a non-essential step in a makeup routine. This is a missed opportunity! Are you struggling to make your makeup last all day? Do you have oily or combination skin that makes your makeup too shiny? Or do you prefer a less powdery make-up look? Then Prime & Protect products are the solution to all your problems.

What are Prime & Protect products?

Prime & Protect are products that you apply before and after your makeup so that your makeup looks smoother, more beautiful and will last longer. Apply a Face Primer after your day cream and before applying your foundation. The purpose of a primer is to create a perfect surface before you apply your makeup. The main function of a primer is to improve the longgevity of your makeup look, improve the skintexture and create a smooth surface. There are primers for your eyes, your lips and for your entire face.

Prep & Prime after your makeup

After applying your makeup, you can still use a fixing spray to keep your makeup look in place all day. It will remove any powder residue and makes your makeup look smudgeproof & waterproof.

Buy Prep & Prime products

Is your makeup look not quite what you wanted at the end of the day? Does your makeup get patchy at the end of the day? Use Prime & Protect products and stop worrying about the longevity of your makeup look.

Take a look at our wide range of Prime & Protect products. Have you already been able to make a choice from our range? Then order it in our webshop. Did you make a purchase today? Do you have any questions about our products or their use? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.