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One Face One Palette - Beautiful Shade

One Face One Palette  - Beautiful Shade
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This multifunctional palette has been developed together with the make-up professionals of Geen Bluf so you can create that cinematic look with just one palette! Mix & match and vary infinitely. It really is a party!

This fine One Face One Palette contains all the ingredients you need to create a complete look: 
  • Eye Primer / Lip Primer
  • Concealer
  • Lipstick / Cream Blush gloss
  • Lipstick / Cream Blush matte  
  • Cream Highlighter
  • Cream Eyeliner / Cream Eyeshadow.
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The professionals of Geen Bluf have been working as hair & make-up artists in the TV and film world for many years. After a collaboration of 15 years Make-up Studio and Geen Bluf come together to release a One Face One Palette! 

There are four editions of the One Face One Palette, so everyone can choose a palette for a complete look:

  • Bright Light: This palette is suitable for light skin tone
  • Lovely Sand: This palette is suitable for light to medium skin tone
  • Pretty Honey: This palette is suitable for medium to dark skin tone 
  • Beautiful Shade: This palette is suitable for the dark skin tone

You can mix & match infinitely. It can hardly be easier than this. 

  • All combinations are possible to create your natural look. Use the concealer as a base or to camouflage color differences. Do you want it more transparent? Thin it with a day cream.
  • Use the Eye & lip primer as a base, concealer or to downtone the color of your lip.
  • The eyeliner can also be used to create beautiful shadows on and around the eye.
  • The highlighter can be used anywhere to make your face shine even more.
  • The Multi-Blush on your eyes, lips and of course as a blush.
  • You can vary infinitely with it. It can hardly be easier than this. Less Is More!
  • Mix and match
  • Natural look 
  • All-in ONE PALETTE
  • 4 Boxes for different skintones
  • Convenient, compact box with mirror and brush 
  • Less is More

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