Jewel Glam

Jewel Glam
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With this glam box you will make a make-up lover very happy! Looking glamorous during the holidays? With this gift set worth € 54,70 that is guaranteed. The Jewel Effects in Shine, 2 Way Gel and the Ultimate Lenghtening Mascara you will upgrade every look. More info
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Make a statement with the Jewel Effects in Shine, 2 Way Gel and the Ultimate Lenghtening Mascara! With this Giftset you can turn any look into a party.

Jewel Effects
Sparkling through the evening has never been easier! These powders are made from real pieces of silver, hence the appropriate name. The Shine version is super finely cut and balances between a powder and a glitter. Suitable for eyes, face and body.

2 Way gel
With this gel as a base you can easily place a glitter eyeliner or a glitter effect in your inner corner. The gel fixes the glitter on the skin, so that you can apply it beautifully concentrated preventing the glitters from falling down.

Ultimate Lenghtening Mascara
The Mascara Ultimate Lengthening offers a solution for extending short and thin lashes. The fibers attach themselves to the tips of the eyelashes, so that you brush the infinite length with the brush.

Jewel Effects
Apply the Jewel Effects to the desired location. For a good fixation, use our 2-way gel as a basefor the Jewel effect. For a subtle result, the 2-way gel can also be skipped. This glitter is so light that it will not fall quickly.

2 Way gel
Apply a thin layer of transparent 2-Way Gel to the desired location with the brush from the package. Then place the glitter over the gel with a brush or cotton swab. Suitable for applying a glitter eyeliner, glitter effect on the eyelid or in the inner corner. Also suitable for use on other parts of the face.

Ultimate Lenghtening Mascara
Apply the mascara in a zigzag motion from the lash root to the lash end. Repeat until the desired result is achieved.

Jewel Effects
• Real pieces of silver
• Enchantment effect

2 Way gel
• High color intensity
• Ultimate fixation
• For a long-lasting result
• No fall out

Ultimate Lenghtening Mascara
• Ultimate eyelash extension
• Ideal for short, thin lashes

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