The Amsterdam brand of Make-up Studio Amsterdam is already 27 years a name in the world of professional makeup. But where did it al begin?

Where it all began...

In the late 1970s, there was no makeup. The founder of Make-up Studio Amsterdam, Wil van het Hek, had the in Amsterdam world famous makeup shop Back Stage where among other products, a rudimentary form of 'grime' visagie, were sold. Wil specialized in makeup and making masks and amassed this great brand recognition.

In Back Stage was an extensive range of makeup products for the theatre, television and film. Because of his professional background Wil was determined to offer his also professional customers the best quality makeup. The professional makeup is long keeping (long-lasting), highly pigmented and can withstand different temperatures including hot studio lights.

Because he was not satisfied about the quality of existing makeup, Wil began producing his own professional makeup. For many years he travelled throughout Europe to find the best supplier for each individual product, Make-up Studio Amsterdam was born.

Above was a Backstage room where Wil van het Hek as one of the first in the world trained and educated other professionals. It soon became apparent that there were a number of essential products missing in the professional business. First in Netherlands, a new, not yet known product on the market commissioned, developed by Wil: the matt eye shadow. A matte eye shadow with very high pigmentation and also moist.

When this turned out to be a success, more eyeshadows followed and Make-up Studio Amsterdam was born. The demand for the high quality products of Make-up Studio Amsterdam also reached the growing consumer market and  the success made it grow into a professional makeup brand that is now available in over 60 countries.

The advent of ever new and innovative makeup products gave rise to the current range of Make-up Studio Amsterdam products, tailored to the needs of the professional make up artist and the modern woman...

Where we are now...

Over the last 27 years Make-up Studio Amsterdam has achieved success by listening to the wishes and needs of all its customers, analyzing new makeup trends and translate them into an innovative makeup range of over 1600 articles of makeup and skin care. The Mission of Wil van het Hek to get the best quality makeup for an attractive price offer is, to this day, the most important pillar.