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Say goodbye to a smudged lipstick or a lip gloss that settles into fine lines or wrinkles! With the Lips Protect & Prime Gift Box, you'll create the perfect base for an amazing lip look. This gift box has a Lip Primer Stick and the  Invisible Lip Contour. This Gift Box is the ideal gift and can be used with any lipstick and lip gloss colour. An original gift for a long-lasting and perfect lip look. More info
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The ideal base with the Lip Primer Stick

The Lip Primer Stick is the perfect base that can be applied under the lipstick or lip gloss. In addition to improving the longevity of your lip look, the Lip Primer increases the colour intensity of the lipsticks and softens and refines small lines in your lips.

Perfect with the Invisible Lip Contour Lip Pencil

With the Invisible Lip Contour Lip Pencil you draw a line around the lips so the lipstick or lip gloss stays perfectly in place all day. A lipstick or lip gloss does not settle into the fine lines because of the Invisible Lip Contour.

Makeup gift idea 

The Gift Box Lips Protect & Prime is the perfect combination for a long-lasting lip look. Applying your lip gloss or lipstick has never been so satisfying. The Invisible Lip Contour prevents the colour pigment in your lip gloss or lipstick from running and the Lip Primer Stick the perfect base for your lip gloss or lipstick. It is an ideal and original makeup gift for anyone who likes to wear lip gloss or lipstick.

The Giftbox Lips Protect & Prime can be used by anyone. In a few easy steps your lip look stays in place all day long. 

  1. Start with the Lip Primer Stick. Apply a thin layer with the stick, directly from the bullet, on both the upper and lower lip.
  2. Next, use the Invisible Lip Contour.
  3. Twist up the tip of the Invisible Lip Contour and apply the pencil to the top of your lip line.
  4. Follow your entire lip line. Both the lower and upper lip. 
  5. Do you have visible fine lines or wrinkles around your mouth or next to your eye? Apply the  Invisible Lip Contour on top of the lines to make them visually disappear.
  6. If desired, use a lipliner on the lip line and then fill in with lipstick or lip gloss.
  • Boosts the colour intensity of your lipstick

Your lip gloss or lipstick will become even more beautiful because of its higher colour intensity. The Lip Primer Stick ensures the perfect colour on your lips.

  • Great results all day long

The combination of these two products gives you long-lasting, beautiful results without worrying about your lip look fading.

  • Moisturizing effect

Thanks to the ingredient Vitamin E the Lip Primer Stick has a moisturizing effect. 

  • Prevents lipstick or lip gloss from running.

Does your lipstick or lip gloss ever settle into the fine lines of your face? You can prevent this with the Invisible Lip Contour.

  • Camouflages fine lines

Fine lines along your mouth or eyes? You can make them disappear by applying the Invisible Lip Contour to the fine lines.

  • Transparent, matches every colour and skin tone

The Giftbox Lips Prime & Protect is suitable for every skin tone.

Invisible Liner Pencil PH1302B Lip Primer stick PH10709