Halloween Glampire Look

John Doe



Halloween Glampire Look 

It's almost time for the scariest party of the year again: Halloween! With the Make-up Studio Glampire Look you are guaranteed to steal the show at every party.

Create the Glampire look in 10 easy steps!


Step 1: base
Start by applying the Pre Base as primer. Then apply the Fluid Transfer Foundation to make sure your skin looks even-toned. Use the Perfect Blending Sponge to blend the foundation. Tip: Moisten the Perfect Blending Sponge with water this will reduce the amount of foundation lost in the sponge.

Step 2: contour
We want the face to appear more narrow for this Halloween look. To achieve this effect use a lighter concealer shade. Apply Concealer in Box (No. 02) underneath the eyes in a triangle shape, on the tip of the chin, on the bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead and the cupid arch. Blend the concealer with the Perfect Blending Sponge.

Step 3: shape
Use Eyeshadow (No. 305) to add extra definition to the face. Apply the color on your jawline and cheekbones. Slowly build up the color. Add Eyeshadow (No. 205) to accentuate the cheekbones and jawline even more. Finish the base with the Translucent Powder No. 02 to mattify and set the skin: this will keep your makeup in place all night long!

Step 4. eyes 
Apply Eyeshadow (No. 305) on the entire eyelid. Lightly spray a flat eyeshadow brush with the Make-up Fixer. This makes it easy to apply the Glimmer effects. For this look we’re using the shade ‘Red’. Next up: some definition in the crease. Use the Cream Eyeliner in Black to draw a line in your crease. Blend the liner with Eyeshadow No. 305 for a smokey effect. Then apply Eyeshadow (No. 203) on your browbone.

Step 5. innercorner
To create a new innercorner we’re using the Creamy Kohl Pencil in White. Create a triangle shape in your inner corner.

Step 6. smokey effect
Apply the Eyeshadow in Black underneath your waterline and blend downwards. Add the Eyeshadow (No. 305) on top and blend downwards again to create a smokey effect.

Step 7: false eyelashes
Using the Eyeliner Black, draw a line along the upper lash line. Apply Lashes (Nr. 01) to finish the glampire look. If you want you can also add some individual lashes underneath the lashline.

Step 8: eyebrows
Next up are brows. Since it’s Halloween we’re going for a strong and defined brow. Apply the Eyeshadow in Black using an angled brow brush.

Step 9: lips
It wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't use a blood red shade lipstick. Apply Lipstick (No. 23) as a base. Top it off with a coat of Red Devinity Lip Glaze for some extra 

Step 10: final touch
Finish the look with the Fix It Spray to keep your make-up in place all night long. For an extra 'spooky' effect you can choose black contact lenses and some fake blood drops on underneath your mouth. Wraaaaah!

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