Floating liner

Originally this iconic eyeliner style was rocked by Twiggy in the 60's, but now this trend is hotter than hot again. With this bold liner look you give a fresh start to 2020.
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Floating Liner look
First use the Creamy Kohl Pencil in 'Black' to outline the shape of the floating liner. For the bright purple eyeliner we’re using the Eyeshadow Mousse in Violet Vanity. Apply this pigmented mousse with the Eyeliner Arch Brush Slanted 42 brush.
Use Brow Fix to create a fluffy brow look. Brush up the eyebrow hairs. This clear gel ensures that your eyebrows take on the desired shape and stay in shape throughout the day.
For the black lips use the Matt Lipstick in 'Black Ink'. This highly pigmented lipstick with silky texture and matte finish makes your lips irresistible!
Finish the look with the Lumiere Highlighting Powder in 'Mystic Desert'. This highlighter is applied to the cupid eye, cheekbones and inner corner of the eye.