Get The Look:
Flushed Freckles

Start with a glowy, flawless base! Once you have achieved this you can start right away with the Faux Freckels! With our Brow Definer you can apply freckles all over your face. Do this very lightly with a circular motion. Don't just focus the freckles on your cheeks and nose, but also on your eyes, chin, forehead or even your neck. This makes it that it looks more natural. After all, freckles can be found all over the face! Don't be afraid to apply a lot of this. With your finger you can go over all the freckles with a dabbing motion, this way the pigment will fade and blend better with the skin. Our Brow Definer is waterproof so you are ensured that your freckles will stay on all day!
It's now time for a popping blush and glowy skin! The reason why you applied freckles first is because it looks more natural! With Blusher Brush N2 you apply Blusher 43. Apply this not only on the apples of your cheeks, but also on the place where you normally apply bronzer! This is how you shape your face with your blush. To achieve a glowy look, use the Lumière Highlighting Powder in Sugar Rose, apply it on the cheekbones, above and below the eyebrows, bridge of the nose, and finally on the cupid's bow. Have your freckles faded? Then go over a few freckles again with the Brow Definer.
With the Brow Definer you can also fill in your eyebrows. Secure it with our Eyebrow Fix. Apply Eyeshadow Lumière - Ivory gold to the eyelid and the inner corner of the eye. You can also apply this eyeshadow wet because of our Wet & Dry formula, for a even more intense finish. This ensures a fresh, radiant look! Apply the Concealer Pencil in the water line. This ensures that your eyes appear larger. Curl your lashes and apply our Ultimate Curl Mascara, this product gives your lashes the ultimate lift.
It is time for a pop of color! Apply lipstick 2 to the lips. A beautiful coral colour that is perfect for the spring season and is very trendy. Pro tip: Use a lip brush for this. This way you can create very clean lines.
As a finishing touch, you can use the Make-up Studio Fixing Spray during the warm spring days. This ensures that your makeup stays in place perfectly throughout the day.