Get The Look:
Be Bold & Icy

Start with the eye make-up. Apply the Creamy Kohl Pencil Eye Pencil Black along the lash line as a thin winged eyeliner. The Creamy Kohl Pencil is very soft and therefore blends out easily. Blend the liner with Brush N13 in an upwards direction. The eyeliner doesn’t need to be applied perfect because you're going to blend it anyways. Set the eyeliner by applying a bit of the Eyeshadow in Box Type B – Black on top of the eyeliner. This makes it last all day.
Apply the darker shade of the Eyeshadow Lumière Duo Mauve Twist on the entire eyelid. Blend this together with the eyeliner. With the lighter colour of the Eyeshadow Duo, you are going to create a halo eye effect. Apply the colour to the center of the eyelids and the inner corners of the eyes.
Use the Ultimate Curl Mascara on the upper and lower lashes and then finish the look with False Eyelashes 27. These lashes emphasize the outside of the eyes for a charming effect. For fluffy and groomed eyebrows that last all day, brush the eyebrow hairs up with the clear Eye Brow Fix - Eyebrow Gel.
For glowing skin apply the Strobe-It Cream on the entire face, use foundations afterwards. This gives your make-up a subtle glow. Use the Blush Lumière Rich Red on the top of the cheeks, layer the blush until you achieve your desired effect. Pro tip: put a bit of blush on the bridge of the nose for a romantic effect. If you want more highlighter, apply a bit of the Strobe-It Cream on the top of your cheekbones.
Apply the Lipgloss Supershine - SP8 on the entire lips, for a juicy glossy effect. This lipgloss has a pink colour, a light shimmer and doesn’t feel sticky.