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Mini Compact Earth Powder - Matte 1

Mini Compact Earth Powder - Matte 1
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Content10 gr

Achieve a naturally bronzed and healthy look by using the Mini Compact Earth Powder. Perfect for getting a summer look within a minute!

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The Mini Compact Earth Powder - Matte 1

Ready, set, BRONZE! The Compact Earth Powder is now available in mini packaging with a matte finish. The coverage of this bronzer can be built up from light to medium. Get a year-round summer look in a minute!

Using the Mini Compact Earth Powder

The Compact Earth Powder has a permanent place in our makeup bag for a reason! It is an essential bronzer suitable at any time of the year. On the coldest days, the Mini Compact Earth Powder provides a summer glow with matte finish on everyone's face! On hot days you can easily apply some extra colour to the areas on your face where the sun shines. Every day will look like you just came from the beach! 

Difference between a bronzer and contouring

A bronzer and a contour product are not the same thing. Contouring is adding shadow to different parts of the face. So contouring is done in areas that are normally shadowed and is therefore often done with a product with a cool undertone. 

In contrast, a bronzer (like this Compact Earth Powder) usually has a warm undertone. A bronzer gives your skin a healthy look by applying colour to the areas of your face where the sun naturally shines. Both products are ideal in combination with a highlighter to add definition to your bone structure and/or give your face a beautiful glow. You apply bronzer to the cheeks, temples, nose, chin, and forehead.

Bronzer in mini pack

Are you on the go and do you want to add just a little more colour to your face? Give your face a quick touch-up with the mini bronzer. Touching up your makeup during the day is easy with the Make-up Studio Mini Collection. Apply some extra bronzer with the Mini Compact Earth Powder. The mini pack fits in any bag! 

The Mini Compact Earth Powder is easy to use. Follow the steps below for a "sunkissed" look. 

  1. Use a Blusher Brush Compact N4 to lightly apply this powder all over the face, or parts of it.
  2. Are you using a cream foundation? Make sure you use the Translucent Powder Extra Fine first, before using the Compact Earth Powder. This will prevent blemishes later on in the day.
  3. Start by creating a 3-shape with the Compact Earth Powder by sweeping your brush along your hairline on your forehead, then follow your hairline down to your cheekbones.
  4. Apply the bronzer to the apples of your cheeks, then turn back to apply the colour under your jawline. When you are done, your bronzer will be applied in a 3-shape on the side of your face.
  5. Remember to blend with circular motions to avoid hard lines or smudges.
  6. You can also stroke your bronzer along the sides of your nose, the bridge of your nose, chin and down the neck for an extra sun-kissed look. 
  7. Finish your look with a Fixing Spray for a look guaranteed to last all day!

Use a powder brush to lightly apply this powder over the entire face or parts thereof.

Tip 1: For a great result, start at the temples and continue in one smooth motion to the cheekbones and the jaw. This way you create an E-shape on the face.

Tip 2: Do you use a cream foundation? Make sure you first powder it with a transparent powder before you use an earth powder. This prevents stains later in the day.

  • Handy to take with you
  • Three weeks of sunshine in three minutes
  • Sun kissed look
  • Fits in any bag

The Mini Compact Earth Powder is the ideal bronzer to apply over your makeup and its mini packaging makes it convenient to carry in your bag. So you can give yourself a touch-up on a long day!

  • Handy for travelling

Going on a lovely trip and want to take your favourite makeup with you? The Mini Compact Earth Powder deserves a place in your suitcase! With its small packaging it will surely fit somewhere between your luggage.

  • Try a product without buying a full size pack

Wondering if the Compact Earth Powder is also your beauty must-have? The Mini Compact Earth Powder is ideal for testing out the product.

  • Three weeks of sun in three minutes

No time to go on holiday and the sun isn't shining anytime soon? Feel free to catch 3 weeks of sun in 3 minutes with the Mini Compact Earth Powder!

  • Sunkissed look

Add colour to your face using a bronzer like the Mini Compact Earth Powder for a "sunkissed" look!

  • Beige
  • Brown
10 gr
Skin color:
  • Medium
  • Compact powder
Tones to Undertone:
  • Warm undertone
Color code:
Matte 2

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