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Brush Cleansing Balm + Scrubber

Brush Cleansing Balm + Scrubber
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The Brush Cleansing Balm + Scrubber from Make-up Studio is essential for cleaning your brushes and sponges! This Brush Soap cleans your tools with a deep cleansing balm that ensures that your makeup tools are ready to use again. Moisten your brush or sponge and swirl it through the soap. Rotate your brush or sponge over the scrubber, while water is running over it. The brush scrubber is located in the lid for intensive cleaning and care of your makeup tools. The fresh Lemon Breeze fragrance and cleansing effect make your makeup tools appear as new. More info
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It is time to clean your tools! With the Brush Cleansing Balm from Make-up Studio you can easily clean your brushes and sponges. Due to the deep cleansing power of the balm and the inside of the lid with a ribbed structure, bacteria and old makeup residue are in the past. You will achieve the best makeup results with clean make-up tools! In addition, your favourite beauty tools are also directly conditioned by the Cleansing Balm, so that they will last longer.

Brush Cleansing Balm + Scrubber for flawless makeup
Do you want to apply your makeup flawlessly? Then using the right tools is a must! Using the clean brushes or makeup sponges enables applying a beautiful makeup look easy. All makeup tools can be kept beautiful for a very long time by cleaning them regularly. The Brush Cleansing Balm from Make-up Studio cleans every beauty tool with ease!

How does the Make-up Studio Brush Cleansing Balm + Scrubber work?
Remove any remaining makeup and bacteria within a minute. Wet your makeup tools and swirl them through the soap. The inside of the lid has a scrubber which will help you to extra deep clean your tools. Run water over your makeup tool while making the rotating movement over the inside of the lid until the water that comes off is clear.

Time to clean your tools! Follow these steps to make your brushes and sponges feel like new again.

  1. Choose the brush or sponge you want to clean and moisten it with water.
  2. Swirl your tool over the Brush Cleansing Balm in a rotating motion.
  3. Then pass your tool over the textured lid in a rotating movement. This will ensure that the tools cleanse themselves intensively.
  4. Keep rinsing water while rotating your brush or sponge onto the lid until the water runs clear.
  5. Let your tool(s) dry and they are ready for your makeup routine again!

Tip from our makeup artists
Always dry your brushes upside down to prevent damaging them.

Why we love it

  • Keep your brushes clean with ease
    Keeping your brushes clean has never been easier. With the Brush Cleansing Balm + Scrubber, all your makeup tools are clean in no time.
  • Eliminates all bacteria in your makeup tools
    You use your brushes and sponges every day. This balm eliminates the bacteria that gather up in your makeup tools after using them. Clean them regularly and give them the attention they deserve.
  • Brushcare!
    Brushes and sponges can generally be used for a very long time if they are properly cared for. By cleaning your makeup tools regularly, your tools will stay in shape much longer.
  • The most beautiful makeup looks
    A clean makeup tool is the best makeup tool! By cleaning your brushes and sponges with the Brush Cleansing Balm + Scrubber from Make-up Studio you can apply your makeup flawlessly every day.
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