Perfect brows

Mooie vormen wenkbrauwen

Professional Brow Kit

The Professional Brow Kit helps to create the perfect eyebrow for your face shape.

Perfect Brows in 4 steps / eyebrows tutorial

wenkbrauwen tutorial

Choose your Brow Stencil

To determine which shape of Brow Stencil suits your face, place the Brow Stencil over your natural brow as well as you can and select the stencil that indicates the majority of your natural brow through the cut-out.

step 1 kleur wenkbrauwen

shape and color your eyebrows

Outline the chosen Brow Stencil with points 1 and 2, as can be seen in the image and hold the Brow Stencil with your middle finger and index finger. Use the Brow Brush to dab the Brow Powder onto your whole brow in the cut-out. Remove the Brow Stencil, shake it and repeat for the other brow

step 2 Wenkbrauwen epileren

Tweeze your attractive eyebrow

Use the tweezers to tweeze the hairs outside the powdered area.

step 3 highlight wenkbrauwen

Apply a subtle highlight

Use the Highlighter Brush to apply the Highlighter Eyeshadow under the brow bone, giving your attractive brows full play.

highlight eyeshadow wenkbrauwen

The perfect brow is shaped on the basis of three lines of the face's geometry.

mooie wenkbrauwen vormen

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